Monday, October 3, 2011

It's a world of laughter

For someone who can't stand being in the same isle with other shoppers at the super market, you'd think that going to Disneyland would be more than frustrating.

It is.  

But every year on Labor Day, the husband and I (and sometimes the Parentals), subject ourselves to a little Disneyland mayhem.  My parents used to take us kids every year on Labor Day.  It's now programmed into my psyche.  I LOVE DISNEYLAND.   

This year was the first time we took 'The Kid'.  

(Actually, he's been twice now.  But it seems like the first visit didn't count wasn't Labor Day.  Weird.  I know).  

'The Kid's' first trip looked something like this:

And this:

'The Kid' was 3 months old.  'The Man' and I had a hankering to go.  How I had the energy is beyond me and for some reason 'The Kid' was mostly interested in the light fixtures on Main Street. 

The second trip was a little more interactive.  And my Parentals came along.  

It was extremely hot that day.  Lots of people.  More than usual for Labor Day.  Anyway.  We went on the new Little Mermaid ride.  LAME.  On so many levels.  

And strange.  

For instance: 

Is that a Frostee's Freeze on Ariel's head?  And even stranger was in real-time her 'hair' would bounce and wiggle to the music.  Odd.

But 'The Kid' was fascinated.

 And that's all that matters.


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