Friday, September 30, 2011

More than meets the eye

I bought 'the kid's' first toothbrush today.  Let me first say, that yes, I am tickled by the fact that I'm buying my son's first toothbrush.  Tickled because he has teeth.  Teeth are neat to have.    

But really, what's the point of all the graphic bombardment?  It's a toothbrush.  This is a tool you use to scrape the junk off our teeth.  You're not looking at it when you're brushing.  And when you are done brushing, who sticks around to stare at a tooth brush?  

All that aside, I opted for the only cartoon I was familiar with.  TRANSFORMER'S (jsh-tsh-dsh (those are robot noises) more than meets the eye).  I figured if I got something that 'The Man' likes perhaps 'the kid's' father will be more inclined to help win the battle of tooth decay, than say, the lazy mother.

And before I forget, I must document another VERY IMPORTANT event.  I made SAD FACE BREAD.  This is special bread that involves forgetting the yeast.

It makes for a good teething biscuit.  It keeps 'the kid' happy for a very long time.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Begin at the Beguine-ing...

A little late for the blogging train, but here we are.  On the Blog Express.  Along with all the other time-wasting schmucks.

Mostly this is for family.  

And yes.  

I make fun of all those little moms who start a blog and talk about how cute their little babies are and all the funny things their little babies say.  And here I am.  I'm weak!  And a hypocrite!  But mine will be different.  

I'm having a ridiculously difficult time trying to figure out what exactly to post FOR THE FIRST TIME.  So I'm going to post a little run-down of this past week.  Because I have pictures.  And everybody likes pictures.  Not words.  And I've already written too many.  (We're all really lame by the way).

Last Friday accomplishment:

As a new mother I am discovering just how small a window of time there is when it comes to what babies can and cannot get into by themselves.  I need to find another safe distraction for 'the kid' while I shower too.  Any suggestions?


Two words for you: Hack. Job.

Someone got their first hair cut.  Aw.  I know.  These things have to be documented.  I'm a sap at heart.  DON'T TELL ANYBODY!  I have video of it too but...I'm challenged.  I'll figure it out eventually.  And then the inundation will begin.


the newest favorite past time....


Those of you who've had children (or talented animals) won't need an explanation of this picture.

Tuesday (this one's for the big kids):


'The Man' took me to a cheese making class in L.A.  

It was divine.  

It's cheese.  

Sunset magazine did a write-up for Andrew's Cheese shop back in June.  'The Man' surprised me with an evening of cheese-making frivolity.  Pretentious L.A. people aside, it was a blast.  Check out Andrew's Cheese shop here and look for the Mozzarella Madness calendar.  

And here is my little cheese baby I gave birth to:

Isn't she beautiful?  And she makes a great tomato and basil sandwich as well.  Toasted.  With a little olive oil.  

Now scram.