Friday, April 27, 2012

Ride On, Dude!

'The Kid' got his first 'bike' today!  I've been thinking it was time for awhile, and sort of half-heartedly looking on-line for a cool 'bike'.  Actually, the kids this size it's called a Ride On.  Once I figured that out, google results were a lot closer to what I was looking for.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Kid

Today was a good day.  As far as minimal tantrums go, we had an altogether happy day.  This little guy has got a temper!  I have no idea where he got that from.

We experienced a number of new things this afternoon.  Well, two that stand out anyway.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Popcorn Popping

The dreaded popcorn ceiling!!!  

I've been itching to get my hands on the MB's kitchen for awhile now.  I suppose I can thank the pregnancy for the increase in nesting urges, I attacked the ceiling yesterday.  Here's the low-down:

Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Nothing too newsworthy.  Wait a minute.  Yes it is!  I had a picture sort-of professionally framed!  I suppose I shouldn't get too excited about it.  It cost me about the same as a not-on-sale maternity outfit.  And I could use a new dress and pants.


This item has been rolled up in plastic since we got it.  Collecting dust between the armoire and wall.  And since we have no house payments to worry about at the moment, now is the time to get it done.  (I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about that).

So here she is!

I came in with a 60% off framing coupon.  I was going to have it matted as well.  Which would have put me somewhere in the range of $400.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  Holy Scalping!  This is in pesos right??  Don't get me wrong I LOVE Tim Burton but not THAT much!  I was choking when I told the guy 'okay' to charge me.  (But he was so good to me!)

First he talked me out of the matt, which apparently is what bumps up the cost to astronomical heights.  For this print anyway since it was a non-standard size.  Of course it had to be mine.  Pftht.  So without the matt it bumped me down by a couple hundred.  (I had no idea matts were so expensive...I would've guessed the frame).  AND he also 'highly' recommended having me get the non-glare glass.  Which, naturally, was more expensive.  I think by then I was starting to back away slowly.  He probably saw the scared rabbit look, so he said he'd charge me for the regular glass but put in the non-glare.  Sold!  Though I still feel like I got took.  Because it's Michael's and they would SO do that.

Moral of the story...uh...let your prints stay behind the furniture and collect dust.

Really though, I'm happy to have this on the wall.  In 'The Kid's' room.  It's a little weird because,'s Tim Burton.  I'm hoping it sends off Good Karma Burton vibes and not the other kind.  Then again, maybe it's so funky-weird it'll help him memorize his numbers faster.  :)

And since we're on the subject.  I thought I'd add a picture of the one that's in Lady Chan and The Man's room.  This one speaks to me.  

Lady Chan

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art Class

Art Class Monday!!  Which was held on Tuesday...again.  Whatever.  I only had two students yesterday.

We worked on Triangulation.  I think it went over their heads.  But the more sketches they made the better they got so there's hope!

I had them start with just sketching their hands.  Then had them try sketching portraits of their class-mate.    This they find VERY funny.  I'm glad they're having fun though.

We also sketched our dear Rooster.  Which Lady E declared needed a name since we draw him so much.  Lady J christened him Roger, so there we are.  Roger it is.  He gets a lot of face time in our class.  

Having this class has been an adventure for us all.  I hope we can continue until we all get the hang of what we're doing.  Me for materials and technique and them for drawing, etc.

Until Next!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Our weird Easter family's the best we could manage in a hurry

What a gorgeous weekend to have Easter!  Lady Chan LOVES the sunshine soooo much!!! (Not that you could tell from her glowing hue).

We didn't do much Friday.  In fact, I can't even remember Friday even happening.  Mostly trying to recover from a long and tiring week.  'The Man' had a lot of work things going on and Lady Chan was dealing with a cranky sick kid.  (He has two more molars coming in so maybe that had something to do with it).

So!  The Kid' (and us) were rested up.  Saturday came around and we're ready for life.  It was warm enough for us to purchase a kiddie pool/thingy for 'The Kid'.  Sometimes this parenting thing can be so fun!!!

 I always forget how great Easter is until it arrives.  Everything is green and fresh and the roses!  Lady Chan loves roses.  I even have a sort-of soft spot for the ugly ceramic easter dishes the MB brings out.  And let's not forget chocolate bunnies and mini eggs from See's...Not that much of that has ANYTHING to do with the true reason for Easter.  But, it's a nice bonus.

What's Easter without an outfit?  

And for the crowning moment....Chocolate Mousse!  Yes, I actually made an effort in the kitchen Sunday.  Even with the MB's saying how hard it was to make, blah blah blah.  But I did it AND it was good.  So put that in your book!

Actually the recipe was super easy.  I got it here.  I doubled the recipe since the serving is for two.  (Who makes a serving of chocolate mousse just for two?!)

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's name? Number Two.


We're adding to our happy family!  Can't wait for 'The Kid' to have a play-mate/sibling!  I'm a little apprehensive about what having two kids will be like.

I was telling the MB this morning if they are all like 'The Kid' then I can do it.  I'm also going to need to come up with a blog name for the next one.  I can't call him Number Two because...well...who wants to be known as Number Two?  

The Other?

The Sib?

Those seem to give the little one second-rate status.  Not gonna happen!  I guess we'll have to brainstorm some more on that.  

For now, we're excited and anticipating more late night craziness.

I'll most likely deliver on or around September 17th.  Hooray!!!  It seems like an eternity from now.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Week

We had some visitors this week!  My Sister-in-law braved the long-long drive (12 hours), with no co-pilot, with all 4 kids, to stay with us for the week.  I'm so glad she did though!

'The Kid' loves having kids, especially cousins, around.  Lady Chan loves it too as 'The Kid' spends less time following Mommy around whining and more time playing and happily distracted.

Lady M had a good time watching Downton Abby.  Hahaha!  I've suckered another one into it.  (The MB is half-way through).  She managed to get to the beach a couple of times and fly kites.  Sadly 'The Kid' came down with a bad fever...etc., so we didn't go with them.

But we DID do some other fun things while they were here.

The pictures:

I love seeing kids playing in the yard.  They seemed to put the swing-set to good use.  It goes un-used for too long.

Playing 'Spider' on the swing...

BBQ Night!  I love firin' up the 'ol Bar-B.  

...and S'MORES!!!!

Santa Barbara Zoo!  Always a good time.

A great week.  A very ACTIVE week.  So happy to have family come and visit.  Come one come all.  Just not right away.  Let me get the sheets done first!