Friday, April 27, 2012

Ride On, Dude!

'The Kid' got his first 'bike' today!  I've been thinking it was time for awhile, and sort of half-heartedly looking on-line for a cool 'bike'.  Actually, the kids this size it's called a Ride On.  Once I figured that out, google results were a lot closer to what I was looking for.

These were the two I was considering.  And in a price range I could live with.  And they weren't the goofy plastic kind.  Which I hate.  Down with plastic!  So I was left with goofy wood and metal instead.  Which is okay.

And for the record...MY kid would look sooooo much better than this dude.  Just saying.  

I think 'The Man' and I like this one best.  Retails on Amazon for somewhere in the neighborhood of $60.  Which is better than some.  (People spend $290 for a Ride-on toy for their kids?!  Cukoo.).  I love great design.  I love style.  But $$ will always trump.  Unless I was Trump.  But I'm not.  Moving on. 

'The Man' and I were at Target the other day.  A sort-of quick getaway since the MB was willing to watch 'The Kid' for a few.  Target is as romantic as they come.  Especially when you go to get shaving cream, deodorant and wipe's.  (Speaking of which...'The Man' picked out my deodorant for me.  Weird, no?  And yet, oddly sexy.  Maybe it's just me).

So, while we were waltzing down the isles we meandered through the kid section and we found a Ride-On bike.  Retail: $24.99.  We talked about other, cooler options, but at this price we said, "Whatever.  Just get it."  Didn't have to wait a week to get it and didn't have to pay shipping and handling.  Maybe in the future we'll get a 'real' Ride-On toy.  But for  now, this'll work.  And WORK it did.  'The Kid' LOVES IT!!!  AND he already bailed off of it, so it's pretty much part of the family now.  Yay for kid toys.  Being a parent can be fun sometimes.  

Assembly time: 15 minutes.  Saweet!!

Cruisin' the Hallway

And for your viewing pleasure, here are a few un-affordable options I wish I could afford.  (And if you're extra-extra interested, check out this site where I find all this stuff.  She's super cool.  I don't know where she finds it).  So much cool stuff!!!

Technically not a Ride-On...but I want this just the same.  Minus the weird Euro-kids.

Lady Chan

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