Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art Class

Art Class Monday!!  Which was held on Tuesday...again.  Whatever.  I only had two students yesterday.

We worked on Triangulation.  I think it went over their heads.  But the more sketches they made the better they got so there's hope!

I had them start with just sketching their hands.  Then had them try sketching portraits of their class-mate.    This they find VERY funny.  I'm glad they're having fun though.

We also sketched our dear Rooster.  Which Lady E declared needed a name since we draw him so much.  Lady J christened him Roger, so there we are.  Roger it is.  He gets a lot of face time in our class.  

Having this class has been an adventure for us all.  I hope we can continue until we all get the hang of what we're doing.  Me for materials and technique and them for drawing, etc.

Until Next!

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