Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

Our weird Easter family picture...it's the best we could manage in a hurry

What a gorgeous weekend to have Easter!  Lady Chan LOVES the sunshine soooo much!!! (Not that you could tell from her glowing hue).

We didn't do much Friday.  In fact, I can't even remember Friday even happening.  Mostly trying to recover from a long and tiring week.  'The Man' had a lot of work things going on and Lady Chan was dealing with a cranky sick kid.  (He has two more molars coming in so maybe that had something to do with it).

So!  The Kid' (and us) were rested up.  Saturday came around and we're ready for life.  It was warm enough for us to purchase a kiddie pool/thingy for 'The Kid'.  Sometimes this parenting thing can be so fun!!!

 I always forget how great Easter is until it arrives.  Everything is green and fresh and the roses!  Lady Chan loves roses.  I even have a sort-of soft spot for the ugly ceramic easter dishes the MB brings out.  And let's not forget chocolate bunnies and mini eggs from See's...Not that much of that has ANYTHING to do with the true reason for Easter.  But, it's a nice bonus.

What's Easter without an outfit?  

And for the crowning moment....Chocolate Mousse!  Yes, I actually made an effort in the kitchen Sunday.  Even with the MB's saying how hard it was to make, blah blah blah.  But I did it AND it was good.  So put that in your book!

Actually the recipe was super easy.  I got it here.  I doubled the recipe since the serving is for two.  (Who makes a serving of chocolate mousse just for two?!)


  1. cute!-bonnie
    and the mom says: The strawberry looks delectable! And the Kid is super cute too. : )

  2. It was a good thing the strawberry was so big too. That mousse was awfully rich to eat on its own.