Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday, Monday

Nothing too newsworthy.  Wait a minute.  Yes it is!  I had a picture sort-of professionally framed!  I suppose I shouldn't get too excited about it.  It cost me about the same as a not-on-sale maternity outfit.  And I could use a new dress and pants.


This item has been rolled up in plastic since we got it.  Collecting dust between the armoire and wall.  And since we have no house payments to worry about at the moment, now is the time to get it done.  (I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about that).

So here she is!

I came in with a 60% off framing coupon.  I was going to have it matted as well.  Which would have put me somewhere in the range of $400.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  Holy Scalping!  This is in pesos right??  Don't get me wrong I LOVE Tim Burton but not THAT much!  I was choking when I told the guy 'okay' to charge me.  (But he was so good to me!)

First he talked me out of the matt, which apparently is what bumps up the cost to astronomical heights.  For this print anyway since it was a non-standard size.  Of course it had to be mine.  Pftht.  So without the matt it bumped me down by a couple hundred.  (I had no idea matts were so expensive...I would've guessed the frame).  AND he also 'highly' recommended having me get the non-glare glass.  Which, naturally, was more expensive.  I think by then I was starting to back away slowly.  He probably saw the scared rabbit look, so he said he'd charge me for the regular glass but put in the non-glare.  Sold!  Though I still feel like I got took.  Because it's Michael's and they would SO do that.

Moral of the story...uh...let your prints stay behind the furniture and collect dust.

Really though, I'm happy to have this on the wall.  In 'The Kid's' room.  It's a little weird because,'s Tim Burton.  I'm hoping it sends off Good Karma Burton vibes and not the other kind.  Then again, maybe it's so funky-weird it'll help him memorize his numbers faster.  :)

And since we're on the subject.  I thought I'd add a picture of the one that's in Lady Chan and The Man's room.  This one speaks to me.  

Lady Chan


  1. Oh how I love Tim Burton - and that print is adorable! Someday you'll have to curate your own shop of art or something. : )

  2. Curate my own's an idea I could live with. :)

  3. Hi. Can you let me know where you got your 'numbers' print from? We'd love to have one too!

  4. Hi there Phil! Thanks for stopping by! I'm not sure where you can find the print. My husband and I bought Tim Burton's Numbers print when his exhibit was at LACMA. You may want to try their online gift shop?? If you can't find it there and you REALLY want one you can always try contacting some higher up at the museum. Sounds crazy but my husband has actually had good luck going that route for other things. I hope you find a print!