Friday, April 20, 2012

Popcorn Popping

The dreaded popcorn ceiling!!!  

I've been itching to get my hands on the MB's kitchen for awhile now.  I suppose I can thank the pregnancy for the increase in nesting urges, I attacked the ceiling yesterday.  Here's the low-down:

Pinterest has been a nice little tool for me lately.  I'm not in love with the site like some (I prefer my Look Book's but they're in storage and I prefer not to 'follow' people I know), but I have been able to store some lovely finds there for 'inspiration'.

Here are two looks I've been going back and forth on:

The left picture is the one I'll be focusing on.  But the right I can't stop going back to it either.  

This is the reason why I started:

Ceiling falling apart is not considered decoration.  The light will be leaving as well.
Also, if you look back at the Art Class post, you'll get some more ideas as to what the kitchen looked like before I began this adventure.  

The supplies:

I checked on-line to see how exactly to get rid of popcorn ceiling.  The estimated cost was $100 or something.  Pfhah!  Right.  They suggest getting plastic sheeting and taping everything from the walls down, etc.  While I admit it is messy, sweeping/mopping/vacuuming is MUCH cheaper.  

I also scoured the house for some safety glasses and a mask.  A water bottle and a couple of putty knife spatula thingys.  (A bandana or hat would be a good idea too).  The cost?  Free!  At least if you grew up in a house like mine.

The method: Mask and goggles on.  Water bottle and putty knife in hand.  Pandora radio set on Ditty Bops radio on iPhone.   Begin spraying ceiling.  It's suggested to let it soak in for 15 minutes.  But I'm highly impatient.  I'd wait a few minutes and then go at it.  It does go A LOT easier if you wait, but it'll still come off fairly easy if you don't.  

This is me half-way done.  It was a relatively small area, but it took me about 2-2 1/2 hours.  Not including clean-up.  I tried to clean as I went but it doesn't really work.  

 Finished ceiling.'s just like heaven.  Kind of.  

The MB came in later and removed the precious border wall-paper.  It won't be missed.  

So!  Next up...ceiling texturing.  

Lady Chan


  1. Wow. I am super impressed. Because: a) the MB let you go to in her kitchen; b) you weathered that storm of popcorn ceiling; c) you cleaned it up AND d) no one will have to see that popcorn stuff again. At least in that kitchen. You go, girl!!!

  2. Nicely done Sherry! You should check in with your Uncle Dennis and Uncle Dave- they did this at my parents house in Moorpark right before my parents moved in. They had no problem with removing the popcorn, but retexturing the ceiling was a bit of a mess. They had to do it twice, and Dennis use to do stuff like this for a living. I LOVE the Wainscoting in your inspiration pictures. Are you going to go for shelves? I think you need to add a little Grandma Ferre lamp/porcelain/jewels/fake-fruit into the mix for an added punch!

  3. @ Beckie the MB says she's given me carte blanche which really means she keeps her 'you can't do that's' to a minimum. Paint colors have already been in the boxing ring.

    @ Madame Serena retexturing will be the next adventure. If I run into problems I'll know who to call! My over-confident self it'll be as easy as pumpkin pie. :) We got a fun hangy lamp. I would call it a nod to Thelma. If I could find a flowered silver gilded chandelier it would be mine! For the right price anyway. I'm trying to see how cheap I can do this. Because spending money on someone else's home just isn't right.