Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Kid

Today was a good day.  As far as minimal tantrums go, we had an altogether happy day.  This little guy has got a temper!  I have no idea where he got that from.

We experienced a number of new things this afternoon.  Well, two that stand out anyway.

The first being chalk.  'The Kid' really enjoyed chalk.  He did NOT give it up easily.  Unfortunately.  I hope it's not toxic.  He came to me with this box of chalk he found outside so, me being the optimistic (read: naive) mother that I am showed him how to use the chalk and set him loose.  I turn my back for one minute....

The second is kiwi.  Today was 'try a new food day'.  I figure he's getting pretty bored with bananas and yogurt.  (Mommy's standby).  He really enjoyed the kiwi.  At first.  After finishing (I thought) the last of the kiwi I went to the kitchen to get the washrag and wipe him off.  I come back and find the last of the kiwi on the floor and 'The Kid' shaking his head frantically and doing weird things with his tongue.  I wiped his face and he takes of the rag and starts wiping his own tongue furiously.  All the while whining like, "Get it off!  Get it off!"  No idea what that was about.  Too acidic?  Hm.  Maybe he's allergic?  (Add that to the list of peanut butter and eggs).

Today was also a lesson in fork wielding.  Not a first's like his first time each time we try.  
The dreaded kiwi.  

 Hm.  We'll get there.

Lady Chan

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  1. The dreaded kiwi picture is my favorite, definitely. And Soph is definitely eating lots of yogurt and apples these days. For some reason, we went against bananas in the past few weeks. Good luck with the kiwi - I'll have to try that one here!