Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sisters Weekend

Another impromptu trip!  I went to see family.  Again.

My sister was planning a 'Sisters Weekend' retreat...thing.  She asked if I could be there.  Initially I thought 'no'.  For cost reasons.  And I was just there.  But then I got a $100 check card from our Hawaii trip.  So I immediately went to and booked a flight.  My other reason for going was because I most likely won't be going to the family reunion in August since I'll be GINORMOUS-pregnant.

So here's how it went down.  In picture.

P.S.  I was using my iPhone.  Sorry for the picture quality.
There was a lot of cooking going on.  Mostly from Lady Banana and J.

'The Kid' got his very first beater.  Lady Banana introduced him.  And he was in heaven.  Thank you Lady B.  :)

Lady B's crepe cake.  With candied macadamia nut filling/topping stuff.  Whatever.  It was GOOD.
Looking at this picture I'm thinking us sisters (me, Lady A & B) really have a forehead problem.  We've got to find a new hair-do solution to hide the big noggin'.

Hands-down the most comfortable person in the room.  A message to the MB:  Get more seating!!!  People have to bring their own chairs to be comfortable?

And a message to Lady Beckie...sorry for the smaller picture.  For some reason the picture quality is really bad...the bigger the more pixelated.  And I want to show you in the best picture quality I have.  Cheers.  :)

Lady J and Lady N playing a wicked game of Phase 10.  And they're still friends.  It was entertainment just watching them!

Also I should explain what else is going on in this picture (and the first picture at the head of the blog).  Lady A, who spear-headed the inaugural sister's weekend, invited any who were interested to bring small projects with them that they've been meaning to get done to get them done there.  

I brought the fabric I bought for 'The Kid's' quilt and bumper pad.  Purchased when I was pregnant with him.  I know.  I'm lame.  But I was so productive!!!  Well, my sister was anyway.  There she is working diligently on MY project.  What a punk!  She wouldn't let me do my own project.  Gawl!  (Pictures to come on that later.  I know...I can feel your excited anticipation already).

And because I's a picture of 'The Kid'.  Really this is the only other picture I took during the whole week I was at my sister's.  Mostly because there was nothing to take a picture of.  Unless you wanted to see a whole lot of me sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing. 

I wish this picture could really show the true enormity of this animal.  And the fact that my kid was playing with it.  At first glance this thing looks an awful lot like 'the grim'.  It's HUGE.  But it's the most docile animal I've ever met.  Maybe oafish is a better word.  Anyway, there you go.

Lady Chan

P.S. Thank you to Lady A for making last weekend happen.  Here's to many more just like it!  And a thank you to 'The Man' for letting me go.  (And spend $ we don't really have).  

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  1. Not the best pics of any of us...and I don't think it had anything to do with your phone! Maybe it was the casual-ness of the whole affair? And hey, it was a Saturday! It was so fun to see you!