Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012

Any guess from the above picture how our Memorial Weekend has gone?  I'll give you included nasal drip.  

My dearly beloved has been fighting this head cold/sinus thing for-EVER.  He got so frustrated today that he decided to go for the tissue stuff.  Isn't he pretty?

I have been playing the fun game of Montezuma's Revenge for the last couple of days.  (Please don't make me explain any further).  

'The Kid' wanted in on the all-night partying his parents were enjoying by having a cry-fest during the wee hours of the morning.  I had pity on 'The Man' and rocked 'The Kid' back to sleep.  It took forever.  But it was kind of nice because my kid does not cuddle.  This was the only time he was so exhausted he let me rock him to sleep.  I just wish it didn't make me feel like a train wreck later.

So we called it an 'in' day.  Which was okay.  It was such a perfect day, illnesses and crankiness aside.  The weather was perfect.  It just felt so peaceful.  We did venture out to eat some fish and chips at Andria's.  It was delicious but we can't recommend the onion rings.  Lots of people like them, but neither us were feeling it.  'The Kid' gorged himself on french fries and ketchup.  (I don't want to hear it okay!)

Mostly we just hung around the house doing a lot of this:

And this,

It wasn't much but, really, does it need to be to have a good time?  Nah!

On another note, and because it has been so nice outside, I thought I'd give a small run-down on what's a-groing in the yard/garden;
Pomegranate's are in bloom, and it's going to be a good year!

 The boysenberries are starting to ripen so we'll have plenty of smoothies, cobbler and maybe jam again.

 The mint plant a friend gave me has been doing awesome as well.  It goes great in lemonade but today I opted for this;

 It's surprisingly refreshing.  And healthy.

 The rose-hedge.  Or wall rather.  Anyway, these little babies smell D-I-V-I-N-E.  I love when they're in bloom.  It adds such a romantic feel to the otherwise rough-around-the-edges yard.
The wall.  
 What would be really awesome if my parents would do something like this with them instead:

Anyway, hope everyone has had a great Memorial Day.  I feel like I gave somewhat of a shout-out to our soldiers by calling my brother who is in the Air Force.  So there you go.

Lady Chan


  1. Nice pic Lady Chan...blah

  2. You're sexy even with snot rags up your nose.