Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome June!

The amazing weightless turtle!

I feel like it's officially summer when June 1 hits.  But I think, according to the solstice, it's not until the 22nd or something.  But who cares!  I'm crossing my fingers for no June-Gloom bidness.  Although summer won't be terribly exciting while I'm GINORMOUSLY pregnant.  I can't bring myself to buy a maternity swimsuit either.  Sigh.


I am looking forward to, and indeed have already enjoyed the pleasure of, having family stop by.  Lady Winn and only a few (read FIVE) of her offspring were with her this last week.  The boys slept in a tent in the backyard and I heartily give them kudos for that.  You bet your patushky I wouldn't have been as obliging.  Not for a week anyway.

'The Kid' as always, LOVES to have his cousins (and aunts and uncles) over.  I think having so many visitors all of the time is what makes him such a personable kid.  That or the kids at the park are all zombies.

Lots of noise and action.  Lots of going places.  Of course one of the main stops is the Santa Barbara Zoo.  And with an annual pass (Thanks Omi!) we can go a lot more often.

Here are the pictures.  (I did you all a favor and kept the camera away for most of the week, so these are really all I've got.  You're welcome).

I think I'm ready to proclaim that the Flamingos are my favorite.  

Part of the Gorilla exhibit.  (The poster, not the

Astro-Turf sledding!  Even Omi had a ride!

Learning about the Giraffes

The turtle aquarium
Now you see her...

Now you don't!
Train ride around the zoo!

And in case you think our son was oh-so calm and in awe of his surroundings...the below pictures will illustrate what we do 90% of the time we're there.

 And last but not least...the vending machine exhibit!  Ohhh!  Ahhhh!  (Oy vey).

Lady Chan

And in case you were noticing all those fine looking haircuts on all the Winn kids...yes...that was me.


  1. You should really think about getting a swimsuit. Swimming while pregnant really is about as comfortable as you'll ever get with someone growing inside of you. : )

  2. Yes...but then I'd have to shave.