Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Things

Saturday marked a very special occasion.  Some family friends invited us to join in the 100th birthday celebration of Norma Jenkins.  She is proof that you can do anything you set your heart out to do.  An accomplished painter and writer/author, Norma has truly set the example of making the most out of life.  Happy 100th Norma!

And because it was such a beautiful day (we've been plagued with 'June Gloom' lately.  Bleh.) 'The Man' and I took 'The Kid' for a walk to the party.  On our way we were passed up by my sister and her awesome ride.  Austin was the picture of layed-back-ness while riding on the back of the baskets.  Awesome.  (For emphasis my sister hummed the song from Wizard of Oz...you know...the part where that nasty lady with the bike and the basket taking Toto away?  Maybe you had to be there.  It was funny).

The most exciting thing for 'The Kid' at the party was this:

Not only could we not keep him away from the fountain, but we couldn't get him to stop slurping up the water like he's never had a drink before.  I try not to think about what was in the water.  He seems to be okay.

'The Kid' also enjoyed following around a cute blond with a red polka-dot bow.

He did not enjoy, however, the trampoline.  Odd.  Usually he's game for moments like this.

I went to wish Grandma Jenkins a Happy 100th.  She was in fine form and seemed to be enjoying the festivities.  She joked when someone asked her about her favorite color being red and she answered back that apparently that was the color chosen for her to be her favorite that day.  Oh Norma, you're such a card.

Norma Jenkins

I didn't notice the glare on Norma's picture until after I got home.  Oh well.  You get the idea.  (The cake was good too).

The Jenkins family did such a great job commemorating the day with all sorts of fun touches.  The pin-wheels were all over the yard and meant to signify Norma's 100 years.  (I think there were a hundred pin-wheels).

 Most everyone came in red to celebrate Norma's favorite color.  Here's a couple of beauties showing their colors.  I think Ashley is feeling a little down because 'The Kid' was more interested in the 'other' blonde.  (Give him time Ashley!) 

And because I like the picture (and the people)...

'The Man' and Roberta--the classiest woman I know!

'The Man' was a gem and ended up taking 'The Kid'...or should I say 'The Terror' home early.  He insisted on playing with everything he wasn't supposed to.  And attacking the flowers...and the pin-wheels.  I think a couple of people commented on how 'active' our child was.  Oh boy.  (Don't think I don't know what THAT means people!)  But I got to stay and visit with some friends.  A fair trade I think.

Happy Birthday Norma!

Lady Chan

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  1. What a man. Truly, you gotta love a man who takes a bullet (I mean, a one-year-old) for his wife. And kudos to Nancy on the pinwheel idea - how adorable!