Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Sunday was a blissfully low-key Father's Day.  Well, as low-key as it can be with a house full of family.  But that's the way it's supposed to be right?  

I put together a collage of pictures for a Father's Day card for 'The Man'.  I made him take it to work. He's woefully slim on family pictures at the office.

Here's a low-res image of the card I had made for 'The Man'

My sister made waffles Sunday morning.  They were VERY good.  And VERY yeasty.  She likes her bread recipes to taste a lot like Guiness.  Which is why everybody looked so happy eating waffles.  

Papa and Evan...happy and full.
 We go to church at 1p.m. and 'The Man' was asked to play the piano for the musical numbers the little kids were going to sing for all the Dads.  (He was really excited about that one).  We all had pie after our church service so we took our time making dinner.


Taste test for grilled zucchini, mmm.

After dinner we had the Father's sit and open their goodies.

Papa got a very happy 'relax' shirt.  We're all hoping it'll actually help the guy relax.  We can dream.  'The Man' got a Brita water bottle, courtesy of the MB.  (Not shown are the DVD's that I got for 'The Man'.  I know, I'm so original.  Shut up!)

The MB and I also went in on some Dodger tickets.  Boys night out!  Maybe I can convince them to take 'The Kid' too.  (Girls night out!!)

And because I liked the picture...

It was a nice day.  'The Man' and I lay in bed that night talking about all the things that make a great Dad, Mother, parent.  And the importance (and blessing) it is to have both a Mom and a Dad in a child's life.  Understanding that that's not always possible, it should be something that people shoot for.  We also talked about the significance of having a Father figure in the home (both of us being blessed with an awesome father growing up).  Each role as a parent is so important in every kid's life.  Anyway, it was an interesting discussion.  Kinda sweet too.  I'm so glad to be married to such an awesome man.  And so lucky that my children get such a man to be their Daddy.  Yay!

Lady Chan


  1. Awwww! This is a very sweet post. And I love the pictures (esp the zucchini taste test one!). Love ya'll!

  2. Yes, well, they don't come often. I have a hard time outing with the 'sweet' side. But since it was Father's Day and all...

    Hope you guys had a great Father's Day and treated Doug nice.