Monday, October 10, 2011

Eye Candy

'The Man' took me to the Tim Burton exhibit over the weekend.  I am in love.  Last Christmas 'The Man' gave me Burton's collection of art/sketches book.  (Did I mention how much I love my husband?).  Actually seeing the art/sketches/paraphernalia was a real experience.  A very intimate look into this man's creative mind.

'The Man' is so sweet.  He even let me get some prints.  Like this one:

Romeo and Juliet

I thought this was so cute.  In a very strange, quirky kind of way.  I think this is how I'd like to picture my husband and I from now on.  Hairy and scaly.  But oh-so in love.   

Actually, the picture above doesn't show the whole view.  

Here's a picture of the print I took home:

Sorry the lightings poopy but, you get the idea.

I tried taking covert pictures while going through the exhibit but the only one that came out was the entrance.  Which is still pretty darn neat.  Who doesn't love walking through crazy-clown-of-death opening??

Interesting things I saw at the exhibit include:

  • (possibly my favorite) Detached heads of Pierce Brosnan and Sarah-Jessica Parker (from Mars Attacks!)
  • Edward Scissorhands hand.  Or Scissor-hand rather.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas claymation dolls (swoon)
  • Catwoman's outfit (worn by Michelle Pfieffer) that looks like it's seen better days.  And I never realized how extremely tiny that woman is.  Those high-heeled boots did a lot for her.
  • sketches galore!  Of which I enjoyed the numbers 1-10.  I asked 'The Man' if having the print of that would be too morbid for 'The Kid's' room.  He said 'no', so we brought that home with us too.

Thanks LACMA!

And one last picture....

Urban Lights installation

Aww.  So precious.

I never realized how much of a bummer it is to not have two of me.  Or an on-hand camera man.  Everywhere we go now as a family one of the parents is missing from pictures.  I refuse to be that person who carries around a ginormous tripod.  Hm.


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