Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Carrier Monkeys

My brother and his wife went to Hawaii for the week.  Their two youngest came to stay.  And they loving left us with.....the FLU!!!  Yay!

So far I'm the only un-infected one.  I'm guessing that it will rear it's ugly head while I'm on vacation.  Fun!  I'm hoping that by washing my hands constantly I'll just get lucky.  Ya.  We'll see.

The worst is seeing 'The Kid' sick.  Poor thing can't breath AND he doesn't know how to blow his nose yet.  So I get the fun job of following him around all day wiping.  And wiping.  And wiping.  

These are the culprits:

Actually, after the initial first day horrible-ness of them being left here by their parents, they were pretty decent.  

The MB might have other things to say.  (Ask her about the poop).  

I braved taking the two to the zoo.  I had a friend come in to town to visit (poor thing).  I think my friend and I were more excited about the zoo then they were.  Geez!  Tough crowd!


Best part of the zoo....the baby otters!  And there were tons of them running around.

I think the two terrors even graced them with a few seconds of cognitive recognition.

Scary part of the zoo....the spider.  


Most likely feeds on unsuspecting humans.  Ew!  I hate spiders!!!

But I am proud of myself, or maybe just my camera, that it captured his cool web though.  Neat!

The MB took the two to the airport to meet up with the owners.  Unfortunately the flu clouded her judgement.  She packed the kids up at 5 a.m.  Then came home.  With the two.  And went back at 5 p.m. to try that again.  Poor thing.  

But all is now well with the world.  Families are now complete.  And, I even scored some Hawaiian goodies.  Thanks guys!  


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