Friday, October 14, 2011

Beat the Heat

I had a funny feeling that October we would see some heat.  (The summer was hit and miss with good weather).   It's made for some great beach weather.  And in October.  Hee hee.  (Sorry for those you are already pulling out the scarves and sweaters.  Kind of).

I like to capitalize on beach-going when it's not cold/windy.  (I love the beach and all, but, I hate sand blowing in my face and wearing a bathing suit when the breezes feel somewhere in the vicinity of 50 degrees).  And when it's really hot I know it'll be great at the beach.

Grandma must've been feeling rather beachy as well.  Tuesday's are the MB's day to take her mother shopping.  Usually Grandma likes to do her shopping and then go straight home.  But this Tuesday she actually suggested to her daughter that they pick up the granddaughter (that's me) and her great-grandson (that's 'The Kid'), pick up some sandwiches and go to the beach.  (Did you follow all that?).

I didn't have to be asked twice.

In N Out was suggested but man, I can't hack that stuff, it's nasty.  (I prefer the Habit, they have a nice veggie burger too).

Since we're going to be at the beach though, we might as well go to Andria's. 

The place doesn't look like much on the inside, but as experience has shown me, a lot of the really great eats look live dives. They've got great fish n' chips.  (And clam chowder).  I try not to think about how much grease those bad boy's are fried in.  They're so good!  Actually, for Andria's Traditional Fish N Chips they use shark.  But you can get it in Cod or Halibut or Scallops or Shrimp or...  Oh, and they have some GINORMOUS onion rings.  Ohhhh man.  Imma hungry!  Mmmm.  Go.  Eat.  Enjoy.  

Here's us:

I was coming back with the food and the MB and Grandma were busy chatting while 'The Kid' was waaaaay over there.  Nice job guys.  

Erg!  So scrumptious!


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