Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I hate to think of myself as technology dependent but, OY, I hate not having internet.

The parentals internet was down.


I swear they've got to have the world's worst computer karma.

I took the MB to the Apple store.

I'm trying my durndest to convince her that buying a Mac is a good idea.  Never mind that price tag.  It's so stream lined.  So tidy.  So....portable. And not to mention I love having just ONE CORD.

I have this habit where, if there is anything, a project or what-have-you, that, if it becomes a complete wreck, I toss it out and start from scratch. 

So you can imagine what goes through my head when I see things like this:

Yes.  The printer does work. 

 But what I still don't get is the switch-board thingy-ma-bob.   

look closer....

What the....?

And of course the CPU.  Thingy.  Is that what it's called?  I think the CPU has had a couple of little babies.  The MB's office is a great place for many things to produce spawn.  The post-it's have the same problem.


How could she NOT want to go from that to.....


Oh, the heart sings!


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  1. I agree that it's time for a change. Something more 2000ish...