Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm packing.

Luggage that is.

I've never packed for a long trip, out of the country, with a kid in tow before.  And I'm not a little nervous about air-time with a 10 month old.  Who likes to move.  A lot.  I'm coming up with a couple ideas.  One involves feigning an illness so perhaps 'The Man' will have to deal with it the whole way.  The other is perhaps a heavy dose of sedative.  I haven't decided yet who gets it.  Me, or, 'The Kid'.

We leave in a few days.  So far I have packed one bag filled solely with food stuffs.  I think I have bag-packing-stage fright.  I do better under pressure.  Which means I will be scrambling Thursday afternoon.

Speaking of procrastination.  'The Man' and I are doing last minute Dr. visits.  I roll my eyes at my stupidity.

This may be the last post until we return.  So, I leave you with a little ditty a la 'luggage problem'.

May you live to be a thousand!


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