Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Say 'No' to Crack

A couple weeks ago I mentioned SAD FACE bread.  I hate SAD FACE bread.  SAD FACE bread is no bueno!

But, HAPPY FACE bread came for a visit last week.

Well, mostly HAPPY.

Looks good from here, right?

How about here?

What the...?

The book that I use shows beautiful pictures of these cottage loaves of succulent goodness.

I realize the food stylist is using specimens most worthy of a photo, but still!   

I get 'crackage' every time.

I don't see where there's a Trouble Shooting section for 'round-loaf-crackage'.

I'm thinking about using loaf pans from now on.  Plus, it's an excuse to go buy something cute for the kitchen. Doesn't cooking seem so much more pleasant and fun to do when you have good looking kitchen-ware??  (The MB would disagree, but, we're not listening!)

I swear I'm going to lick this bread-making challenge.  In search of the world's easiest and yummiest bread recipe.


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