Thursday, March 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

 Okay I'm ready to announce this thing.  IT'S OFFICIAL!!!  We are now HOME OWNERS!!  And that's a lot of caps lock going on.  I'm not sure I used that much for baby announcing.  What's that say about me I wonder.  Don't answer that.

We got the call this afternoon that the deed (or something) was recorded and that we could finally get the keys.  I swear this day...I thought would never come.  But here we are!

The MB has been chomping on the bit forever too.  I think she may have kept her tape measure on her person for weeks now, waiting for 'the call'.  She came with us to take measurements.  She may just sleep with a smile on her face tonight.

Blissfully, The Kid slept in the car long enough for us to get all the room dimensions.  (He has officially graduated from his crib.  Since he can climb out of it.  Unfortunately for me that means nap times (and bed times) have become more challenging.  Because they weren't enough of one already.  Today he and Omi had it out to get him to take a nap.  The Kid won).

The Kid was still a little groggy from the nap, but he perked up long enough to play with the door bell. I'm curious how he'll react to his new living environment...once we move in.  (We've got a pink-tile counter kitchen to contend with at the moment, among other things).

So there you go.  We bought a house.  Move-in date is to be determined.  I'll keep you posted.

Lady Chan

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  1. Wahoo! What good news, Chans. Congratulations! (I think I missed it, but where is this new house of yours located?)