Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Look Who's 6 Months!

My Little Lady is 6 months old!  My, my how time flies.  I know it sounds so cliche but I swear it seems as if we just brought her home.

I wasn't sure about her the first two months.  She was a fussy little thing.  Thank goodness for The Man, I think he may have rocked her to sleep almost every night.  What a stud.  By 3 months she was a perfect angel who was sleeping through the night.  Sweet heaven.

She's been getting up during the night to eat lately, which isn't my favorite, but I feel like I can handle it better with a few months of some good sleep.  

This little girl is starting to really move now.  She took her time to roll over.  Come to think of it, she took her time to smile too.  Man, we had to really work for it.  Now it seems all she wants to do is roll (across the floor in flash) and smile.

You'd all be proud of me.  I whittled down the pictures to eight.  I think I snapped about 30 or so.  But can you blame me?!

Lady Chan

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