Monday, March 4, 2013

Saturday Excursion-The Zoo

We decided to be brave parents and take our kids out.  It's always an adventure.  An extremely exhausting adventure but...the adults need to get out sometimes!

The Man suggested the Zoo.  How can I refuse good weather, great scenery and a hill to slide on with your very own cardboard 'sled'?!  I can't!

Plus, we had The Kid.  Which means we literally run through the park to see (sort of) all the animals and then crash on the lawn to eat.  We made it through record time.   

And it's not a trip ANYWHERE without tears.  I'm really starting to hate that train they have at the zoo.  He goes bonkers for it every time.  And we were mean parents and didn't let him ride it.  (Money doesn't grow on trees kid!!).  Maybe next time.

Thankfully the tears don't last long.  (Frustration however lasts a lot long...on the parents part).  Still, it was fun.  It's beautiful at the zoo and it's all part of the experience, right?

Lady Chan


  1. The parents look very happy. Not. Anyway, I'm envious of your good weather!

  2. Actually, it was a really fun, semi-relaxing day. Up until the 'I want to ride the train melt-down' part. But he got over it quickly so we're good.