Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting our Greens

This is about as far as my motivation goes for St. Patrick's Day.  At least for now.  Sometimes I surprise even myself with last minute holiday spirit.  

Mostly I'm trying to be better about creating activities for The Kid.  He's in constant need of mental stimulation.  And a lot of physical activity, but that's another post for another day.  If he's bored, bad things happen.  Saying that, you'd think I'd have more things prepared for him to do, but...I'm lazy.

This is what happens when you itch your face with your paint brush

You aren't truly serious about painting unless you're standing up.

And his final piece...

Hooray for paint!  Although I really need to look into getting some different kind of paint.  This tempera paint is STINKY.

Lady Chan


  1. Exhaustion (brought on by children, of course) is not the same thing as laziness. Just sayin'.

  2. Yes!! You're right! I've heard that if you're a mother and not exhausted at the end of the day you're not doing it right. If that's the case then I'm freaking AMAZING!!!