Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Art Class: 3D Hands

Lady A...she was being camera shy

For Art Class on Monday we did 3D hands.  Sort of 3D anyway.  I'm not sure I knew the assignment well enough to 'teach' it, but we had fun anyway.

I saw a post on Pinterest with a picture that was similar to our 3D hand drawings.  I probably should've actually read the entire post but...well...sometimes I think I'm smart.

In my defense, I don't think they turned out all bad. One of the students had to start over...there was a lot of chatting going on at the beginning.  I'm not sure how to handle/solve that.  But I'm glad the girls are enjoying themselves.  Hopefully they're learning something as well.

Lady M.  Happy Hands!

Lady J...almost finished...
 And because I'm taking pictures I might as well...

A very bad angle...my hand really isn't that large.
Spring Break for the girls the rest of the week so we'll see when class is next.

Lady Chan

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