Thursday, May 8, 2014

Le Boudoir

We got a bed frame!  Finally!  I feel so civilized when I sleep now.  We used to have the mattresses on this frame thingy that was just holding up the bed, with some casters.  Why am I not thinking of the name?  Surely it has a name.  Anyway, whatever it was it was really squeaky...if you coughed it'd make noise.  So we just classed it up by putting the box spring and mattress on the floor.

After many months of him-hawing over what to get, then finding what we liked but not the price so much, we finally bit the bullet and bought it!  It took about 7 weeks to get here.  (They delivery guys set it up for us even...awesome).  I think it came last Tuesday.  So we've enjoyed our bed for a little over a week now.

See how classy it looks with the awesome butcher paper window treatments?!  It's super tall though.  Don't they have box springs that are shorter?  I'll have to look into that.  And I need to dig up our bed skirt.  I'm not big on them, but in this case I'm thinking we really need one.

And the curtains came a few days ago too!  I feel a little more complete.  Sorry for the bad lighting.  I'm too lazy to re-take the picture...and clean my room.

And because I'm kind of nerdy like this...I love package design, good presentation and things of that random nature.  Here's what my packing slip came in!  I know it's nothing really that special but it beats the packing slip just thrown in the bottom of the box.  Plus I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Or maybe it's just me...

So, just for the sake of information, in case anyone out there is interested...we got the bed at Pottery Barn.  Good gracious they think very highly of there stuff!  Anyway, it's the Mendocino bed.  (And so far no squeaks which I was worried about with the whole iron bed thing).

They have other less expensive iron bed options as well, but this one came highly recommended.  They all are lovely.  We just liked the style of this one best.  It's outrageously expensive (for us anyway), but our justification is that all our furniture we own either came from Craigslist, consignment or was given to us.  So we splurged.  Our first piece of NEW furniture!    

The curtains are from Anthropologie.  I'd shop there everyday if I had the $$$ but I don't.  So I don't.  But they had some curtains there that I could live with visually and financially.

Hooray for checking off a couple more things off our ever-long list of things to complete.  Now...the yard.  (Ahhhhhhhh!).

Lady Chan


Just an update on Potty Training...The Kid is doing great-ish?  As I was writing this post he told me he had to go poo.  I look into the bathroom and he went poo on the floor.  I'm trying to look at this as a step forward but I still have to be the one to clean that!  But he usually goes in his Pull-Up.  Haven't been able to get him to go on his own on the toilet yet, so him going into the bathroom and going next to the toilet...I'm thinking that's progress??

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  1. I love the packaging for that receipt, too. Not as much as I love the bed frame...but it's really cool. Also love the curtains (and Anthropologie).

    Don't love the potty training so much. We're kind of in the same boat. Sophia has the whole thing down...but just can't be bothered. Interesting priorities, huh?