Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Moving onward with the nevery-ending kitchen story.  We have a shelf!  As of last week.  There should be another one but we used more brackets than originally planned (those darn studs...never where we want them to be).  So I ordered more brackets today.  Keeping my fingers crossed we'll have the second shelf up later this week.

Here's another view from a little farther out.  I was a little worried about how it all was going to look but I'm pleasantly pleased by how it turned out.

The Man.  He's very particular about those counters, eh?

If anyone cares, I got the brackets at House of Antiques for somewhere around $6.00 a piece.  I tried Home Depot first but their selection made me depressed.  But the upshot was that I discover House of Antiques and they have a lot of fun hardware-y kind of stuff for old houses.  Yay for me!

And this picture is just because he was there and I had the camera.  And I couldn't help but delay his request for yet another cookie for just a little longer.  Because I love hearing him ask over and over and over and over and...

...and no.  He is still not completely potty trained.  How long is this going to take, sheesh?!

I'm not sure how we get anything done.  But we've got a shelf on the wall and I can't tell you how happy that makes me!

Lady Chan

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  1. Home Depot really isn't the best place for adorable hardware. Serviceable, yes. But that gets boring after awhile, no? Lovely shelf!!!