Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cheese-Its and Omi

Happy random Tuesday!  I thought I'd post something food-ish.  It's been awhile.  I made Cheese-Its!  Another Pinterest find.  (I think the original site for the recipe is on FrugalGirls or something like that).

I've been trying to make myself do things that I actually pin on Pinterest.  Otherwise why am I on there right?  Anyway, in my quest to eat healthy and/or homemade stuff I wanted to make these.  Because who doesn't like Cheese-Its?

They tell you to use a food processor.  I've only got a blender and I refuse to inundate my kitchen with a zillion gadgets.  It worked just fine.

I decided not to double the recipe (which was recommended on the site) in case they tasted nasty.  I also decided that that's my new rule of thumb for any new recipe.  Because I'm a) prone to do weird things to my recipes on accident b) I'm not wasting food on something that I'm not sure about yet.  Yep, I came up with that all on my own!

The ladies at Frugal Girls used a serrated fondant cutter for the dough.  I'm thinking that I'll probably need one now I know that the Cheese-It's experiment went well.  They were quick to make.  I think all I'll change is the cooking time and the amount of pepper.  Too much pepper.

And in the middle of my little project we had a surprise visitor.  Omi!!!!  She stayed until the kids started freaking out, The Man had come home and I therefore began cooking lunch, in addition to the Cheese-It's.  It was a little hectic there for awhile.  Oh well.  Glad she came, even if it was a short visit.

 Lady Chan

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  1. I'm suitably impressed. Don't think I'd bother...even though they're cute and I'm sure they're good!