Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day (last week)!!!  I know...I'm falling behind here on the bloggy blog.  So here's how it went....

I picked up The Kid from pre-school and he threw his bag, lunch sack and flower picture into my hands the minute I see him.  By the time I had him all buckled up and ready to go I saw what the picture was.  No ceremony here!  I was tickled to have my 'first' school Mother's Day picture.  (Now follows the guilt of what to do with it...do I keep this stuff until die?!)

Oh, and how do you like that mug of The Kids'?  I can't help but laugh...he looks kind of hungover or something.  He really is a cute kid.

Next up, The Man brought home flowers a couple days in advance.  (I think he knew I needed a pick me up and it couldn't wait until Sunday).  

They smelled and looked divine...I'm always so sad to see them start to wilt.  But I enjoyed them every second!

Sunday I got deliciously spoiled.  I was treated to breakfast of french toast and dinner of super scrumptious lasagna.  I'm blessed with a husband who can cook.  And enjoys it.  I think he should cook more often...(hint hint)!

(I'm so mad at myself, I meant to take family pictures and it didn't happen.  Again.  Arg!)

Somewhere in the middle of all that heavenly eating The Man presented me with a bag of goodies.  I would've been happy with just the bag it's so pretty!  Anyway, it was filled with all sorts of yummy smelling girly lotions and soaps.  And chapstick.  Because my husband knows me.  And knows that I've got an unhealthy addiction to chapstick.

It was a really sweet day.  I'd say relaxing but let's not kid ourselves.  I've got toddlers.  We had my mother come over for dinner as well since her husband was away.  The Man kept telling me that Papa was going to come home early to surprise Omi.  He just couldn't believe that he'd be gone for Mother's Day.  I tried to explain why my parents are weird like that AND that after 40 some odd years of marriage it just kind happens.  And they're good with that.  I, on the other hand, will milk it for all it's worth!  Hahaha!

Thank you my Lover for making me feel like a good Mommy!

Lady Chan

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  1. I think chapstick is divine. "Unhealthy addiction"? No way! Happy Mother's Day, girl!