Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 We haven't done much for the outside of our house yet...obviously.  I cringe every time I see the siding on the house gone.  I want it fixed.  But I also want it done free.  Thus an unfinished house that looks super GHETTO.


As a treat for Lady Chan we went out and got a few plants for a section of the yard we are pretty sure isn't going to change drastically.

My plan is to have as many edibles, or in some way usable, plants as possible.  This is just the beginning!

We planted 'Sweet Lavender'.  It's super smelly and I love it.  Hopefully I'll be able to dry some for later when they get a little bigger.  They also attract butterflies and bees so that'll be an extra bonus.  That and somewhat soften the rough edges of a very bare yard.  (I was looking for lavender I could use in cooking but the lady at the nursery told me I need 'English Lavender' for that and they didn't carry it.  So the hunt is on...).

We also planted blueberries!  I'm all of the sudden in to blueberries lately.   We only planted one but we're going back to get more later.  This one is called 'Misty'.  I want to get another one with a different harvest time so we can blueberries for longer in the season.

I have no idea if these two are compatible together.  The smell of blueberries and lavender seem to go good together so maybe that's a good sign?  Either way, we've got plants (some) and I'm super excited!

The Man decided to check a water sprinkler in another little planter area.  It is not working.  Big shocker there.  There are some other sprinkler valves we haven't checked yet.  Mostly because we're fairly certain they aren't working either.  But the kids had a BLAST last night with the new mud puddle Daddy made for them. and mud.  Excellent combo! 
I promise it's mud this time...

Happy Spring!

Lady Chan

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  1. Some day, that little man is going to get you for all the bare bum photos. But I'll enjoy them until that time! Love the plants - they should be fine together, although the lavender will get very big with the amount of water that the blueberries need. Which is great for transplanting and having more for other parts of your yard!