Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities.  We sure did.  Though from the above picture it looks like my kids are kind of looking zonked.  It was actually a difficult picture to take because they would NOT sit still for longer than two seconds.  So this is as close to a 'family' picture as I got this year.

We had dinner at Omi and Papa's for Easter dinner.  (The Kid got to do the honors for prayers on dinner.  It was so cute.  But I'm the mom, I'm supposed to think that).  We also enjoyed the company of our good friends the Goodman's.  

 As per tradition, dinner is usually a merry-go-round for The Man and I.  Feeding kids, mopping up spills, etc.

Omi and Papa had TONS of candy sitting around, it was ridiculous.  AND the did Easter eggs for the kids.  I wasn't quite sure what to do with the eggs we brought for the kids so I just threw them in the mix as well.  I think in all the kids consumed the contents of two eggs.  (They were only filled with two or three of various treats so it wasn't too bad).  I took the rest of the eggs home and they have since been emptied into a jar and hidden.

I know that the holiday is supposed to be a remembrance of the Resurrection and I know I should think about it more than I should but...there's just something kind of fun about happy colors all around and fun treats and Easter egg hunts.  (I can live without the bunnies).  If anything, it's a great day to be with family, doing happy things together and enjoying a special day together.  Even if everyone doesn't understand the significance of the day yet.  They will eventually!

Happy Easter!

Thanks for dinner Mom...what?  No deviled eggs?!

Lady Chan

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  1. Love the pictures! Mine didn't come out at all, but we did have a blast. And that's what really counts, right?