Friday, April 18, 2014

Mid-Month Happenings

Happy April Everyone!  It's weird how during a week-day afternoon I actually think, "I'm bored, the kids are bored, what am I going to do?"  When that happens things like this happen.

I like to call this day 'poor man's pool day'.  We've been having some weird hot/cold weather going on. The hot days  :)  We left our kiddie pool at Omi and Papa's and I was desperate.  Then I saw the tarp.  Kids had a good time so who cares right?  The Man went and fetched the pool next day.  Maybe it was too ghetto for him??

Somebody get this fool OFF my ride!

 Later that week I decided it was craft time.  I've been feeling like a rather boring lazy Mommy that doesn't do fun things with her kids so...we got this.

It looks really involved but on the whole it took The Kid all of 2 minutes to 'paint' and then he was off doing other things.  So Mommy finished up.

The Kid was excited to wear one of Papa's shirts...weird the stuff he recognizes sometimes....
 They're little baby chicks made out of egg cartons.  Maybe I'll take a picture of the (sort of) finished product after Easter.

And because I needed to get my own craft fix here's my unfinished stuff.  (I've since added bows...I know...stop...I'm blushing).  They're a little rough around the edges but whatever.  I got it out of my system.

And The Kid thought they were lollipops.  Sigh.  Oh well.

Next we tried POTTY TRAINING!!!  I have been dreading this moment before I even thought about having children.  But, he's almost 3 1/2 and he's been showing signs of being 'ready' AND I let myself run out of diapers.

The first two or three days were a total joke and I seriously considered going to buy more diapers.  Then stuff came up and I REALLY wanted to quit.  But then my mother had the kids for a couple days and she was up for keeping the training going.  More power to her!  Apparently it went rather well so now that we've got the kids back home we're going strong.  (I'm considering sending my children to Omi's for their potty training...I can worry about psycho-therapy later).

The system goes like this.  You go pee you get an M&M.  And it works.  AND I'm thinking tonight was a breakthrough.  Although I had already put The Kid to bed and technically he shouldn't be coming out of his room I gave him a pass since he asked to go pee.  Which is a first and it kind of feels like a big deal.  Half and hour later and a few M&M's heavier (and another appearance and request to go pee again (this time The Man's turn...what?!  I'm trying to blog here!)) he's finally in bed.

And we get to start the whole process again tomorrow.  Fun!

Happy April!

Lady Chan
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