Monday, April 7, 2014


What a month!  Talk about scramble time.  Let's see, we'll have to go back to the 20th of March...

That would bring us back to Anniversary day.  We were half-way done with our kitchen tile project.  (Very romantic I know).  We had to quit for a few days while my wonderful husband drove me to the airport to drop me off.  WITHOUT the kids.  Hee hee!  I was sad and giddy all at once.  So while The Man took a couple days off to be Mr. Mom, I go to be Mrs. Sit On My Can and Do Nothing But Eat And Talk to The Coolest Women EVER!!

Yup!  It was 'Sister's Weekend' and I got to go this time!  Yippee!!  Lady W convinced me.  Not that it took a lot of convincing's always nice to have back-up.

I apologize for the picture quality.  I wasn't about to pack my huge camera, so iPhone it was.  And I was the only one snapping!  So I have a whopping 5 photos to document the goings-on.  Basically what you see is what it was.  Eating and a lot of TALKING.  It was awesome.  (Thank you Lady W for doing ALL the work.  I really was going to do stuff, you just got to it before I did...

Oh, and TB made the most heavenly croissants.  Many of them.  I think I made the bigger dent in them.  

Poor husband...not 24 hours after I had been gone and The Kid came down with a nasty cold and the Little Lady had a nice goose egg on her noggin'.  (All in a day's work for Mommy...pfff!)

Five days later we welcomed The Man's parents to our home!  But not before we did a last minute finish job on the kitchen backsplash.  I think we did the grout the morning his parents came.  (Not a moment to soon, eh?).

Finished how to get the sockets to be flush with the plate covers, hmmm...

Again, sorry for the picture quality.  I was in a hurry and texted this photo to my sisters.  (I couldn't help it...I'm a little proud of our tile job).

Then came the in-laws and it was so GREAT to have them here!!  The kids had no hesitations when they showed up.  (I stayed behind with the kids while The Man went to the airport...we've had a lot of airport runs in the last couple weeks.  The kids were starting to revolt).

We didn't take a ton of pictures but I'm sure this will be plenty for you:

Walking down to the Farmer's Market

Little Lady knows the way!

Freedom!!!  See ya Grandpa!

Leading Grandma back home.

Oh wait...something to explore!

Gadget time with Grandpa, their favorite!

Watching these two melted my heart like butta

It doesn't get much better than that piece of scrumptiousness
 I know this shouldn't be, but it might just be my favorite part of Grandma and Grandpa coming to visit...presents!!!  It was like having a second Christmas, mmm.  The kids got a ton of fun and much needed cloths.  We even got a few fun things from Uncle Brian and Aunt Sue.  And I'm feeling really bad that I wasn't more on top of it and put together a box for them that the in-laws could've taken back. Sorry Brian and Sue!  I swear we'll make it up to you somehow...
The Man had his parents find me a jewelry box and a tea set.  So they got two of everything.

No, make that 4 tea sets!  And they're all SO COOL!!!  

Most of our time was spent at home with the kids being spoiled and played with and pretty much having a grand 'ol time.

We took the Chans to Costco.  They LOVE that place.  I can tell they have a hard time not getting one of everything to take back with them.  (Thanks for the mortar and pestle too!  I have something new to learn how to use in the kitchen, yay I get to eat more!).  We did a lot of grocery store runs too.  And we ate tons of fruit which is so nice to do.  My body thanks you for making me do that!

It seemed like such a short trip and I'm sad the kids only get to see their grandparents once a year.  If it weren't for Grandpa's church responsibilities it would be even less, so I'm grateful for the time we do get.  Thank you for coming, we are already missing you both terribly.  Can't wait until next April!!

Lady Chan

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  1. This is just precious (speaking of the kids and grandparents, not the eating at the weekend!). Thanks for updating this - your counters and backsplash are gorgeous!!!