Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two Years Old!

Look who's TWO!!!  As of the 22nd anyway.  We celebrated a little early this year since the MB and Papa were leaving town on that day.  
We decided to make it a dinner party/birthday celebration with my parents and some family friends.

The Man and I thought that it would be nice for The Kid to open his present in the afternoon so he would have all day to play with his new gadget.  So here are some pictures of him opening his present.  Sort of...

The Kid is still figuring out the whole 'present opening' thing.  'No, you don't stand on it'. 
It took all three of us to open this thing.  
The Kid showing Omi how it works
It's interesting...we take this kid to Target and he see's this thing and we can't tear him away from it.  We get it for him for his Birthday and he doesn't know what to do with it.  Weird.  He eventually got used to it, but he hasn't attached himself to it like we thought he would.  

Then, later that evening....

Our friends came over for dinner and to go see the lights on 'Gemini'.  (A street in town that goes all out with the Christmas lights).

The Old Folks 
A rare sighting of the MB and Papa together

After dinner and lights we warmed ourselves with 'from scratch' hot cocoa, ate cookies and other delectables and sang Happy Birthday to The Kid.

About half way through the song The Kid realized we were singing to him.  And he got shy!  That certainly doesn't happen everyday...

I believe last year for his birthday he had his hand on his chin as well.  We've got to get this birthday thing going before 8 o'clock.  Poor kid is so tired he can't enjoy his birthday properly.

Little Miss making an appearance...Thanks for the hat Lady J!

 And we thought a Buzz doll wasn't enough...Omi decided to complete the ensemble with dishes AND a blanket.  (Buzz over-kill??).



Now the Party has gotten out of control!
 All in all a successful evening.  We got The Kid to bed before he really started to loose control.  Never a good thing.  Had some good food with great friends and family.  Tons of dishes left the next day, but no worries.

Happy Two Years Old my Little Man!  We love you tons!  Even if you are a ginormous handful!

Lady Chan


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  1. Totally normal for a kid to not understand the toy out of the box is the same as the toy in the box...Jack has one of those Buzz toys and he only plays with the ones at his friends' houses - even though they're identical! Go figure, kids.