Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Craft Minute

Two blogs in one day?! you say?  Yes!  If I don't do it now it may never happen.  So here goes...

On a whim this morning I decided it was craft time for The Kid.  Always an adventure!  We go from 0 to chaos in about two seconds.  As the pictures show.  Everything was fine until I ran to the bedroom for the camera and came back.  Seriously?!  All over your arms in two seconds?!  Good grief!  I'm always so glad I take his clothes off for things like this.  

I'm not sure what he enjoyed more.  Bath-time or his painting.  After I washed him up (and the kitchen) The Kid came back to paint some more.  He was a little upset I put everything away.  But I know better!  Craft time is limited to a very short time frame.  Like I said...we go from Zero to Chaos likety split.

I'm glad I made myself do this for the Kid.  He doesn't get to paint often.  I don't even mind him painting on himself.  I only wish I could let him do it longer.  And without me standing next to him policing him.  One day he'll be old enough to do this kind of thing without me telling him not to eat the paint or put it in his hair or paint the furniture...the table...the carpet....

Lady Chan


  1. One day, he can take his paints to the beach and not worry about spills. : ) Craft time is always stressful for mom and bliss for the kids...why is that?!?!

  2. Take his paints to the beach?! Ya, like that'll happen ANYTIME soon. Haha.