Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Doesn't matter where we are...the Kid will find a puddle (or bucket) of water somewhere.

Okay, so technically it was still November (the 29th to be exact) when I took these pictures.  (And on the iPhone...sorry).  But still!  It's FOR December.  I'm super excited for Christmas.  On with the traditions!!  

It's now the 4th of December and I've still got to put the decorations on the tree.  I can't wait until the kids are older and we can all join in the fun.  I hate to be the fun-sucker right now, telling The Kid 'don't touch the tree please' however many times, until we finally take it down.

 A sighting of The Blur at the Christmas Tree lot!

It had been a long day for the Kid and he was a total mess...until we took him with us to get a tree.  Poor city kid thought he was in a 'real' forrest.  But did he ever have a good time running around crazy, jumping and dancing.  (Who knew Christmas Tree shopping could be SO fun??).

He then 'helped' Daddy water the tree when we got home.  Which we needed to do RIGHT AWAY, according to the man selling the trees.  (He's there every year and gives the same stern 'holiday tree care' lecture as well...spreading his Christmas cheer for all to hear).  

 Happy Decembering everybody!  Race you to the New Year!

Lady Chan


  1. That is a tiny tree! Did you do that so that the Kid won't be able to knock down a full tree? Just kidding...

  2. Two reasons for the small tree; it's cheaper and it's harder for him to reach the ornaments when we put it on the table. I'm all for making my life easier in any way possible.