Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Day in Review

Happy New Year!! This post is kind of late in coming.  Better late than never!  We had a great holiday and hoping for many more as our family grows.  
I'd post about our raging New Year's party but there wasn't one.  I'm trying to think what we even did.  This household was in bed by 8 p.m.  I believe I heard fire crackers going off around 1 a.m.  Does that count?

Anyway, I thought I'd post some pictures we took on Christmas day.  I gave The Man a hard time for taking pictures of EVERY present that was opened, as it was being opened.  Therefore, these are all we have of the day.  

Like last year, we had yummy crepes with some fresh-ish berries and cream.  No picture.  I was up early (I'm such a kid...I can never sleep in on Christmas morning.  The anticipation of a whole year gets the better of me).  I decided to write 'love' letters to my family again.  I was going to attach them to everyone's ornament again too, but...didn't.  Again, no pictures.  I'm slacking!  But maybe you're breathing a sigh of relief.  I don't blame you.  No you're probably thinking, 'Get on with it then!'.  Okay!  Okay!

Here are the pictures of our quiet family Christmas, enjoy.

The Boys: Skyping with Grandpa Chan
Under the Tree


Little Lady's stocking...we opened hers for her :)
Best .99 cents spent ever.  He wears them everywhere.  Who knew!
So easy to please

Let the presents begin!

Hard to say which The Man liked better.  His apron or his iPad.  

 Looking at our tree I swear it looks like a TON of stuff.  But I swear this kid needs more toys.  I thought the Buzz Lightyear would've been a bigger hit which is why I went kind of light for the Christmas thing.  Not that he's deprived by any means but...he needs more.  (He gets bored really easy. Bored = destruction of the house).

And the Piece de Resistance....

 Papa's Christmas present to everybody, the Semi and Trailer (for the Skip that what it's called??)  Well, anyway, we're going to need a separate room just for all of Papa's super-cool toys he's made for us.

 I sure hope everyone had a great Christmas.  With lots of fun people, family and food around!

Happy New Year as well!  We're hoping this year will see us in a home of our very own.

Lots of Love,
Lady Chan


  1. I hadn't seen the semi and trailer cool! I'm glad you had a good Christmas. Were the P and E under the tree pin boards?

  2. Oops! I didn't mean to give a spoiler! I thought you'd seen them. Sorry :) The P and E's were from Anthropologie on their sale rack. They're just cushiony letters of awesomeness I had to have. I'm forcing my weird love of all things funky on my children. The poor dears.