Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Heat is On!

No.  More.  Space heaters.  Yippee!!!  Happy New Year to us!  We had a new (I mean, seriously updated...I think they found toe nail clippings from T-Rex in the old furnace) heating system installed!

Yes, I am using a lot of exclamation points!  That's how much of a wus I am and hate being cold!

This guy was recommended to us and The Man and I have been him-hawing around whether we fork over the bones to do it or not.  A couple of cold nights/mornings with the thermostat reading in the 50's (that's INSIDE the house deary) and early rising, cranky children, and I was ready to sign up.

He showed up at 8:45 this morning and left at 4 p.m. this afternoon completely finished.  Oh...yessssss!

I walked in as he was finishing and noticed that he was running the heater...I could hardly hear the thing.  Sweet heaven above!  

So here it is in pictures;

Here's where T-Rex the (wall) Furnace used to live.  (After almost a month of phone-tag, etc. with the warranty company, I finally opted for the 'cash out' and got a whopping $340.  Doesn't quite cover the cost of a new heating system but, whatever).
Pat Parrott (the heat and air guy) kindly walled up the hole where the furnace used to live.  And the unused vents.

Here's a register in The Kid's room.  I don't even have to do any patch up work after he put them in.  Score!

R.I.P. T-Rex!  I'm saving him for Papa.  He likes taking this stuff to the scrap man.  He'll be so excited when I tell him!

 No more rice bags at night!

Pat widened the attic access and put molding around it too.  I haven't looked inside the attic yet but I've been told that among the new heater and cat-walk leading to it, he installed a light and light switch up there so I can see where I'm going, should I need to access the heater.

Other than painting the molding, no patch-up work is needed here either.

I am so impressed with this guy!!!!  If anyone in the Ventura/Los Angeles County area is looking for a very reasonably priced, excellent Heat and Air guy, this is the one you want.

I am a happy woman.

Lady Chan

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  1. Heat is a lovely thing. Glad you're not freezing anymore!