Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Garage-ness

I'm so proud of The Man.  We've been learning lots as new home-owners, but I think The Man has born the brunt of the learning curve.  

But things are slowly getting done and we are learning some new skills.  The Man put the last of the dry wall up last week.  This week we've begun the mudding fun!  Next comes the sanding.  And then painting.  AND THEN WE CAN HOOK UP THE WASHER AND DRYER!!!  I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.  My parents are probably looking forward to it just as much as we are.  

I feel bad that sometimes I have to leave The Man to do a lot of the work to him.  Kids...

Lady Chan


  1. I have often felt bad that Doug is doing all the work while "all" I'm doing is chasing kids. Until I realized that it's just as much work (and not half as gratifying - there's no "Awesome Job!" at the end of the day. So give yourself a high-five - great job with the kids, Lady C!!!

  2. Thanks Beckie! Though I must say I should get a high five and a million dollars because I have put in an obscene amount of elbow grease sanding the drywall after each mudding. Oy!