Monday, January 6, 2014

First Day of (Pre) School!

Woohoo!  The Kid is all (sniff sniff) grown up.  Sort of.  It is just preschool but still.  He's gone for three hours Monday and Wednesday only.  
Because of The Kid's speech delays I've had him assessed by all sorts of people with all sorts of official sounding titles.  In a lot of ways it was kind of a hassle to go through but I really wanted him to qualify for the (state funded) preschool that was offered for speech delayed kids.

The main reason: The Kid is bored and is very ready for some academic stimulation.  And I didn't want to pay for any of it.  

And I'm just not THAT mom.  You know, the one that creates some kind of 'schedule' for their kid.  Finger painting after lunch, nature walk in the morning, counting and reading at 4.  Ya.  Not me.  I do my best but really...with a 1 1/2 year old little sister I don't have a whole lot of time or patience to do the mono y mono with The Kid.  

So we're doing preschool.  Normally I'm not all that gung-ho on the preschool front.  I'd rather have my kids home, but, for this particular kid, it's very needed and WELCOME.

So, here it is in pictures...

School day, therefore we brush our teeth!!  And Mommy really needs to work on her posture...oy.

Daddy and Little Lady came too!

I can't handle the cuteness!!!  With his little $5.99 backpack on that his cheapskate mom got him a couple days's just all too much.

I was even tickled to find half the sandbox in the bottom of his shoes.  It's so nostalgic.  And because I'm a real sucker, I was at the store (many actually...because I had three hours...) and decided The Kid should have a little treat waiting for him in the car.  A new Matchbox car!  To go along with the 50 others that he has.  I can't help it!

Lady Chan


  1. Another great milestone! Congrats :)

  2. Thanks Lady C! I hear you've got another major 'milestone' coming soon. Congrats!

  3. Hooray for preschool!!! I can't wait until Sophie starts...but it might be a few (long) months...

  4. Yes...I know how long it must feel...I was there. :)