Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas!!!  I trust everyone had a great one.  Ours was simple and chaotic all wrapped in to one wonderful day.  

To start I'd like to give a shout out to our next door neighbor.  He supplied us with some holiday cheer in our yard.  We came home one evening to find our neighbor inflating a GIANT Santa that he proposed hang from our front tree.  Okie Dokie!  The Kid wouldn't go near it.  I can't say I blame him.  Santa was rather imposing.

He also told me of his tradition that the night before Christmas he would climb onto the roof and put the kids Christmas presents up there.  I thought I believed him.  Until I walked out Christmas morning and sure enough...

His daughter (who is now 34 years of age) wanted new car tires for Christmas.  I'm sorry, I find this tradition very amusing.

Christmas Eve (morning) we went as a family to take a 'hike'.  More like a quick nature walk, but whatever.  It's was beautiful outside and the kids had a good time.  And I think this is the third time we've happened to take a hike the day before Christmas.  I'm thinking I'd like to keep this tradition going.
Throwing rocks off the bridge and into the creek...endless fun for little boys

Someone wanted to walk but we don't have shoes for her yet...we're slacker parents!
The trail we were on is near our old newlywed stomping grounds; Santa Rosa Valley.  I keep telling The Man that when we make our millions this is where we're moving.  I dream big.

The Man and I set up the presents the night before Christmas.  After a very arduous five minutes of getting things ready, The Man rests in front of the tree.

Enjoy the tree while it lasts sweetie...Lady Chan took it down the day after Christmas...it felt so good!

Christmas morning the party begins!

Just a few highlights from the after math.  There are plenty of pictures, but I thought I'd spare you.  You're welcome.

New jammies :)
We didn't even really do any kind of holiday meals.  (I think I'm secretly happy with that).  The Jenkins invited us for Christmas breakfast and an old school chum and her British husband invited us over for a very British Christmas dinner.  I'm not even sure I made lunch.  Sadly lacking in the motivation department this year.  Thanks Mandy and Richard!!

I took this picture on the 30th...technically it was a Christmas present from last year that we decided to wait on...until a few days after Christmas this year.  Whatever...The Kid doesn't know the difference right?

Lady Chan

Ps  Happy New Year Too!!!!

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