Monday, December 23, 2013

Yippee Look Who's Three!!

Lady Chan is now in possession of a 3 year old.  The Man and I are hoping that 3 will be a calmer year for The Kid.  Here's to hoping.  We celebrated Sunday night with his grandparents actually being able to make it and not having to celebrate on a day other than his birth-day.  

It started out as an already long day.  As the picture below suggests.  

Napping helps. 

Maybe the kids could feel the birthday excitement in the air because neither of them wanted to take a nap.  

So, while the adults ate their dinner, The Kid treated us to a very entertaining (sort of) floor show of 'How Many Times Can I Bonk My Head on The Floor/Couch/Chair While Hyper-ly Running and Jumping on All The Couch Cushions I Pulled Onto the Floor'.  

Here are the adults eating their dinner.  Papa and Omi brought some Indian food (home made from a friend of Papa's, mmm) to go with the Italian food I made. 

Food is food, right?!

The Kid did grace us with a few of his very busy minutes to play with the party blowers.  I'm not sure which he enjoyed most.  Those or...

The freshly mint tractor that Papa made, or...

Wait for it...

His brand spankin' new TRAIN BLANKET!!!

I'm not sure who loves it more, The Kid or his Mommy.  Or maybe I'm more proud of the deal I got on it.  I'm a HUGE fan of Land of Nod.  Our bank account is not, but that's so not important.  :)  Actually it's called waiting for a sale and using gift cards that come our way.  Deal!

So we have a 3 year old.  He's growing up fast.  He's also going to preschool starting January.  I'm VERY excited for him to go.  Mostly for the three hour break, two days a week.  But also for the speech therapy teachers to help this kid learn how to use more words.  That would be nice.

Love you like crazy my crazy little boy!

Lady Chan

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  1. Don't stress, he'll totally talk your ear off if he learns how to talk! : p Yay for three year olds!