Saturday, February 2, 2013

Home Away From Home


Yes.  We went again (1-31-13).  Because we are gluttons for punishment AND because we love this place.
The Kid is starting to remember where we are going.  Because we go so often perhaps??  We might regret that later when he's 4 and screaming at us that we're horrible parents for not taking him to Disneyland that day.  Bring it on!

We brought the MB this time for back-up.  The Man had originally wanted to take me for my birthday but...Little Lady and I are still 'attached' and if we're bringing her we might as well take everybody.

And The Kid, yet again, did not sleep on the way there.  So we got to deal with a crazy two year old again.  Luckily the Omi was there to take over so Lady Chan and The Man could run and play for a little bit.  Thanks Omi!!

The Piano Man

 First time taking The Kid to Toontown.  Not my favorite 'land' at Disneyland but, the kids love it.
Battle of the Wills caught on camera. (He goes one way she goes the other...)

I think we stopped to play in most of Disneyland's fountains.
I didn't notice this before but, check out where the water fountain looks like it's landing.

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy!

Omi wanted to take a picture.  (Lens cap anyone?)
 Escape to California Adventure!  The Man and I went on a couple of rides but spent the majority of our free time sitting on a park bench on the main street staring at people.
Look!  A picture of the two of us!  Thank you nice couple we bumped into!
 And look who showed up later in the day....

Papa couldn't resist buying The Kid a Bubble Gun...but apparently Omi likes it better.  
Next trip The Man and I are planning on going on our own.  I'm not sure I'll know what to do with ourselves.

Lady Chan

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