Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Happy (Chinese) New Year!!  We have now begun the year of the snake.  And to ring in the new year we met with a few friends and family to eat...Chinese food!  

Here are a few pictures of our extreme goofiness when we go out in public.  But we all had a good time with Papa and Omi and the Jenkins people.

The proprietors of the establishment, Pam and Jason, have become friends of ours through the 20 years of dining there now.  (We used to be such a big group back in the day.  Papa would bring his truck home from work and drive our two families around town as we sung Christmas carols and passed out boxes of oranges to friends.  Afterwards we warmed up to the delicious Chinese food from Pam and Jason's).  

The Man got to brush up on his Cantonese while Pam and Jason took turns walking the Little Lady around the restaurant.  (We got a babysitter for The Kid so we could eat while it was still warm.  Maybe next year kid!).

And as for the pictures below, let me just say this: Mr. J started it.  

And dinner at Pam and Jason's isn't complete without fortune cookies!  (According to The Man, this is an American custom...).

Since Saturday and Sunday were Chinese New Year I decided the kids had to wear their Chinese attire.  And they're young enough still to not care or object.  Too my delicious delight.

Look!  A picture of all four of us!!

Happy New Year everyone!

Lady Chan


  1. Happy New Year Family! Bringing the Kid next time around, for sure.

  2. Is the first picture before or after the goofy eyes? Both sets of parentals look guilty! Can we pretend its Chinese New Year next time I am in Cali? It's sad that I don't even know of a good Chinese restaurant around here...

  3. After the goofy eyes. They're ALL guilty of something, sometime. But your Dad was the instigator this time. What a great idea Lady Terry, by all means lets! Can you come next week?? Hurry up and move back!