Thursday, February 14, 2013

Art Class: Creepy Castles

I started up art class again after a few months hiatus.  Actually we started last week (Monday's again) but I forgot to take pictures.
Lady J and her sister, Lady M, are my students for now.  And a tag-along.

Lady M got a little over-excited.  I think she may have gotten a little too excited about having paint nearby and not heard instructions.  Not that I mind at all!  We just helped put a little spin on the assignment.  And it was still fun to experiment.  

The Tag-Along

Mine :)

 I'm still trying to get the hang of 'teaching' art.  But it's a nice outlet for me.  I think I need to figure out how to give directions better.  I fear I have inherited my Dad's way of 'teaching'.  I'd explain it but then, you probably wouldn't get it.  :)

I have a ton of art books.  (I'm an art book junkie!!).  This one is really great for ideas and such.  And there's tons in it.  I bought this book at the Getty.  The Mecca for art books.  Mmmm.

Lady Chan

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  1. I wish we lived close enough so I could enroll my BonBon in your class. It looks like so much fun!