Monday, July 16, 2012


Look!  Solvang!  We actually went somewhere this weekend!  And I'm so glad we did.  It was a quick little trip.  (Mostly because of 'The Kid'.  My plan didn't work).

I decided that we would leave around 'The Kid's' nap time so that he would sleep on the way.  Then it would be a breeze walking around the town with a happy, well-slept child.  But the fates were against me.  This kid jabbered on the WHOLE WAY THERE.

As long as we were constantly moving 'The Kid' was fine.  But whenever we tried to stop in a shop or on the side of the walkway he'd wiggle and try to worm his way out of the stroller.  Oy.
But we stopped for a few very important things.


AEBELSKIVERS.  Ohhh my.  If you've never had them well, shame!  No really, they're pretty tasty.  How could they not be?!  They taste like a kind of cake donut with strawberry jam and powdered sugar.  So there you go.


CHOCOLATE.  I'm like a blood hound.  I can sniff it out like nobodies business.

Lots to choose from but I refrained from trying one of each.  This time.  So I picked out a few yummies.  All were good.  Like the sea-salt caramels.  The peanut butter crunch was good.  But it was basically a Butterfinger.  The best one was the nice n' big pecan turtle.  (Like a chocolate pecan and caramel sandwich).  Nom-nom!

We went for a quick turn in the coo-koo clock store.  'The Kid' was mesmerized.  There's hundreds of these little guys in there, all ticking and coo-kooing away.    

'The Kid' also enjoyed an very up close and personal look at a Trolly car pulled by a couple of large (and jumpy) Clydesdales.

And while 'The Man' went to the restrooms, we parked ourselves in front of good 'ol Hans.  The Christian-Anderson one.  Looking very dapper in his top hat no less.

We even braved a hike that is nearby.  A very do-able hike for those with little ones.  It's called Nojoqui Falls, but it's more like a trickle.  Fun and pretty all the same.

We had 'The Kid' in his back carrier thing, but that lasted point two seconds.  He insisted on running.  The whole way up and the whole way back.  Which was okay (so long as he didn't fly off into the rocky ravine) because we thought it would wear him out nice and good.

 Which it did.  For a little while anyway.

So, if you ever find yourself in Southern California, take a day to see Solvang.  It's fun, it's cheap and there's a lot of good food.  And free parking.

Lady Chan


  1. I love pictures of kids sleeping in car seats! Sounds like a lovely day - wish I was somewhere near so I could enjoy a day in Solvang, too!

  2. I love pictures of sleeping children too. Mostly I just like sleeping children. It's so quiet. Funny, I thought of you when we were in Solvang. I knew you would've enjoyed the day. It was beautiful and sunny and not too hot. Lots of fun things and people to look at. And good food to eat. Mmm. It'll have to be on your itinerary the next time you come.