Monday, July 23, 2012

Park Hoppers

Saturday we ventured out to Arroyo Verde park.  Hadn't been there for awhile.  It's a huge park with sprawling lawns, big trees, trails, picnic tables and playgrounds.

Usually it's such a big park that when you go you feel like you've got the place to yourself.  Unfortunately everybody else seemed to want to go too.  Tons of people having parties, etc.  But we found a little patch of grass to call our own for a few minutes, so it wasn't so bad.

And in my haste to get to the park with plenty of play time, I packed ZERO play-things.  Bo-ring!  Needless to say we weren't there long.

But we played on the picnic tables.  Taught 'The Kid' the 'We Want Food' table chant, which we'll regret later on.  But whatever.  HE thought it was fun, so there you go.

The one down-side to Arroyo Verde.  It's an off-leash park.  Not that it really matters much to dog owners whether it's off-leash or not...they seem to do what they want anyway.

AND because it's such a dog-friendly environment we get to scrape off dog doo from off the kiddos shoes.  (Can you sense how hard I'm trying not to soap-box it right now?!)

And one last tantrum before we fight 'The Kid' back into his car seat.  I can somewhat understand his frustration.  We take him to the park, and just when he's really starting to enjoy all the space to run...we go home.

He didn't know we were taking him to a less-populated park and playground.  Try teaching patience to an 18 month old.  Oy.

Lady Chan

ps I hate when I have to use my camera phone!  Sorry!

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  1. I love the first picture with his mouth open...raring to go, that one. He is getting so big!!!