Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Art Class: Learning from the Masters

There's something about mixed paints that I just find really yummy.  Had to share.  

Monday was a more in-depth exploration into the wonderful world of color-mixing.  The girls were only allowed to use Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White for their assignment.  Which was to pick an image from an old book I had and use it to re-create it.  Here are the (unfinished) results.

This is Lady J's:

Lady E:

And Lady S was there today:

Even I decided to join in:
(Don't look too close, I'm a little rusty)

I think the girls had a good time with this one.  And it's really quite a challenge trying to mix and match paint colors.  I loved the focus and attention they were giving to their projects.

Lady Chan

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