Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art Class: Color Wheels

Yes.  I'm still doing art classes.  Sort of.  There was a two month-ish hiatus.  Summer holidays for the kids so things are a little relaxed.  

Speaking of relaxed...the picture below describes a little of the relaxed nature of one of the students.  I can't decide if she's just got bad hand/eye coordination or she was not all that serious about the task at hand.  I'll just tell myself she's got bad hand/eye coordination and leave it at that.

But!  As you can see we made ourselves a color wheel.  It's the first introduction to color since we've started art lessons so I thought I'd start out basic.  Really basic.  And it'll give me time to think about what to have them do for their next lesson.

(And I'm really bummed...I spent some time making an awesome color worksheet on Illustrator.  But when I went to print them my Mom had taken her laptop (which is hooked up to the printer).  So, no cool worksheets).

I give them assignments to work on.  It's more of a wishful thinking assignment never know.  Maybe there's a girl in there that'll actually do it.  One of these days.  Anyway, the assignment is to finish the color wheel by making the next wheel.  We decided to call it 'Thirds'.  But I'm pretty sure it's called Tertiary.  If you were interested in knowing that.

One of the mom's wants to have them work on something they can enter into the fair.  Pfhahaha!  Okay, so really, I like the idea.  If I can find the right lesson that can also be a finished piece then I'm all for it.

Lady Chan


  1. Bonnie got to do a cool piece for school where everyone drew "A Starry Night" in oil pastels. A lesson where you do your own take on a classic? Or is that not okay for a fair?

  2.'s an exercise they do in college as well. But for some odd reason I never had the professor who gave that assignment out. Not sure if it's okay for the fair. I don't see why not so long as they're not trying to pass it off as the real thing.