Monday, February 6, 2012


Tall ships at the Ventura Harbor over the weekend.  I love tall ships!  So romantic.  Probably not the scurvy part of it.  Or the sea-sickness.  Or bilge rats.  Whatever, it's still romantic!

Hawaiian Chieftan

Pre-boarding anticipation

Chatting with the Cap'n

I'm the King of the World!!!!
 So, I was chatting with some of the ships crew and they were very informative.  I learned that this particular ship was built in 1985.  Yes, you read that right.  Kind of took all the romance out of it.  It was built originally as a cargo vessel.  The man who had the ship built learned that if he had it built a certain way (i.e. tall ship style) he would get a tax break.  Not a bad way to save money I'd say.  Now the ship is used for education (field trips and such) and a few excursions for those willing to pay.  The sail the ship year round up and down the west coast of Northern America.

After our tall ship adventure, we took a quick turn about the arcade that overlooks the harbor.  Noisy but a fun distraction for 'The Kid'.  And for some odd reason the place smelled like pancakes with syrup.
The Harbor Arcade

The Channel Islands Visitor's Center.  At the end of the Harbor.  Yes, that is an elephant seal in the background.  But not a real one.  Did you know that they will travel thousands of miles to reach the the northern shores of California just to breed?  Bet you didn't know that.  

Tide Pool

Cuz I'm bad!  I'm bad!  You know it!  I'm bad!
And we did all this for the price of a $3.00 donation.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.


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